Keeping Apprised of Trends in the Music Industry

The Music Industry is going through some changes with global influences, streaming services, and social media sensations. It is imperative for insiders, executives, performers, and newcomers to learn about and understand trends, changes, and opportunities. World music has always been a genre within the industry, but not very prominent or popular with most Western audiences. Access to all types of music via the internet is bringing world music to the forefront.


Artists are beginning to collaborate with each other to write, perform, and record music that defies standard categories. This is not necessarily a new trend, but the trend is expanding. For the past decade, for example, many country music artists have crossed over into popular music and are enjoying success by appealing to more than one audience. Adding rock and adult contemporary influences, with a little rap music thrown in, revived the genre and brought it into mainstream America. The same can be heard with jazz and blues artists, rap and disco, and many other forms of music.


Learning about trends in performing arts schools, reading interviews by experienced artists and executives in magazines, and watching television channels that focus on music was the traditional way to know what was going on in the industry. Today, resources are free and online via websites dedicated to music. Publications can be downloaded, interviews are held during podcasts, and articles and career advice are plentiful with a few clicks. It is up to the browser to discern the sites operated by experts in the field from those aimed at the average twelve-year-old who wants to be Britney Spears when she grows up.


Changes are coming fast as technology advances and artists become fearless. It is an exciting time for the industry and for those who embrace what the future holds. Keep up, read an analysis of important issues, and experiment with all types of music whether you are a performer, producer, or listener. Once a well-written and diverse website is found, place it in favorites and check back on the site often to continue to be aware of what is happening. Do not miss out on all that is new and exciting.

Post Author: aebi