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How Early Diagnosis Can Save Your Life

Humans are mortal beings and we have different needs and expectations, but it is not easy to understand health without doing a little bit of research. Early diagnosis plays a crucial factor in the overall health of a person, identifying the prognosis of a particular medical condition earlier like cancer. The earlier a disease or illness is detected, the higher the chance of a successful treatment. Late diagnosis happen because many people like to delay seeing a doctor for a physical sign or symptom not until it is worse, lack of awareness about the warning manifestations, and no time to go to the doctor or hospital because of hectic work schedule. Studies show that early detection of breast cancer (stage 1) among women has a survival rate of 100%. A cancer that is detected sooner has a higher chance to be treated more successfully, this higher survival rate for the patient.

You can protect your future health and your well-being by understanding the early diagnosis. Know the different screening tests to detect early stages of cancer. Find out cancer early with the use of some tests to lower chances of dying from the disease. Colon growth can be removed before cancer development through colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and fecal occult blood tests to prevent colorectal cancer. Experts generally recommend screening of people ages 50 and above should undergo colonoscopy. To screen for lung cancer, low-dose helical computed tomography is used to lower lung cancer deaths. Mammography is the method to screen for breast cancer, reducing the number of deaths from the disease among women ages 40 and above. Pap test and human papillomavirus (HPV) testing are recommended ages 21 to 6 years old to identify and treat abnormal cells before they become cancer. Along with ultrasound, alpha-fetoprotein blood test helps in detecting liver cancer early among people at a high risk of the disease. Ovarian cancer can be detected through a blood test and CA-125 test.

Regardless of your diet and lifestyle, an important factor in the detection of diseases and cancer is early detection, to maintain good health and well-being. There are many benefits that early detection can provide to a lot of people including patient empowerment, reduced hospitalization costs, more appropriate and accurate treatment, possibility of reversing symptoms, more treatment options available, and helping your family take care of your needs better. Health is wealth, so it is important to undergo early diagnosis to detect medical conditions early, and for proper treatment to be initiated. Be an empowered individual and set a good example to your family and those people around you. You can become healthier and happier with advanced early detection tests and methods. The cause of cancer is generally unknown but we know how to prevent it.